Eliminate Unwanted Moisture from Your Property!

In Central Virginia, moisture can pose a big threat to your home or business, often causing severe damage. Protect your home and family from musty odors and other moisture problems with PestMasters moisture control services! We offer free moisture control inspections to help you safeguard your investment and your loved ones.

Moisture Control Services in Central Virginia

Keep Your Home & Family Healthy

Here are just a few ways our moisture control services can help you:

  • Professional employees with proven results
  • Improve your home's indoor air quality
  • Rid of unwanted moisture
  • and so much more! 

Our trained inspectors will take moisture readings in your crawl space and if necessary offer the appropriate moisture control measures.

Our moisture control services include:

  • Polyethylene moisture barriers
  • Temp Vent automatic foundation ventilators
  • Tim-Bor or Bora-Care treatments
  • Installation of batted insulation

During moisture control inspections, our moisture specialists look for indicators of three different types of fungi:

Surface fungi

Surface fungi cause the wood to have a powdery appearance but do not cause wood decay. Although no treatment is needed for surface fungi, they are an indicator that the wood has absorbed an excessive amount of moisture and that it is susceptible to the other wood-destroying fungi.

Staining fungi

Staining fungi also attack the surfaces of wood. These fungi cause a gray to blue stain that can not be removed from the wood. They do not cause decay, but they increase the chances that serious decay fungi will appear. These fungi also indicate that wood has absorbed an excessive amount of moisture.

Decay fungi

Decay fungi actually attack the structural portion of the wood and digest it. This results in decomposition which makes the wood less suitable for construction purposes or renders it completely unfit if decay is advanced. Water must be present in the wood pores before wood decay occurs. Wood absorbs moisture from condensation, rain, water-saturated soil, leaky plumbing, and other sources.

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