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Get a good night's sleep with our specialized bed bug treatments!

Are bed bugs keeping your family from sleeping soundly? We have the solutions that will help you feel comfortable in your home again. Our Virginia bed bug treatment specialists employ the latest technologies to get the job done right the first time-- this includes the use of Cryonite freezing machines, bite-proof mattress encasements, pest vacuums, and even canine inspections! 

Bed Bug Control in Virginia

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Bed bug infestations are on the rise. In addition to causing sleepless nights, these pests can also cause painful bites. Here at PestMasters, we offer bed bug treatments for home infestations to protect your family fast. For our commercial clients, we offer a preventative, proactive service that includes inspection and documentation by certified commercial property inspectors. This ensures apartment community and hotel owners are able to maintain a reputation for cleanliness and safety.

Our bed bug control services include:

  • Experienced, specially trained technicians
  • Installation of mattress covers if necessary
  • Automatic follow-up service
  • Optional assistance and help with preparation

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Canine Bed Bug Detection For Better Inspections

Here at PestMasters, we are proud to partner with K-9 Pest Detectors to provide the most innovative canine bed bug detection services in the industry. These specially trained dogs are certified to sniff out even the hardest to detect bed bug infestations. They can even detect the scent of live bed bugs and viable eggs in places that can be difficult to detect during a visual inspection. 

Because canines can perform the inspection much faster than a human, these inspections are well-suited for large commercial environments such as office buildings, day care centers, movie theaters, and dormitories. Canine inspections are also an excellent option when homeowners experience bites, but no visual cues are immediately evident-- or as an added feature to confirm elimination after treatment.

Proudly Serving Central Virginia!

Located in Richmond, we're proud to also offer our bed bug treatment services in MidlothianMechanicsvilleAshland, and the surrounding area! No matter how advanced the bed bug infestation, we're here to make your home comfortable again. Just give us a call for your free inspection!

If you have a bed bug problem, we’re here to help.

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