Say goodbye to termites!

Battling a termite problem? PestMasters Liquid Defense is our most popular solution. Flexible application options will allow your PestMasters professional to determine what type of treatment will work best for your particular situation. Whether treating an active termite problem or protecting against future infestations, PestMasters Liquid Defense is the fastest and most effective solution.

PestMasters Termite Liquid Defense: Total Termite Elimination

Termites can’t avoid what they can’t detect

Termites cannot see, smell, taste or avoid PestMasters Liquid Defense. Instead, they contact, ingest and share the active ingredient with the rest of the colony, completely unaware that doing so inevitably will kill them all. 

In the past, termite control relied on repellent barrier treatments that tried to keep termites from getting inside the structure in the first place. Unfortunately, termites often broke through the barrier and entered the structure anyway. PestMasters Liquid Defense works differently, and it’s the most effective termite treatment available today.

PestMasters Termite Liquid Defense unique advantages

  • Revolutionary non-repellent, or undetectable  chemical technology
  • Responsible, low dose treatment, with no odor
  • Fastest, most effective method of termite control available

Effective solutions for your peace of mind

PestMasters has been providing termite control to homeowners and businesses in the Central Virginia area since 1953. Our dedicated technicians are trained to identify signs of subterranean termites and eliminate them with the most advanced solutions in the industry.

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