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Ready to kick pests to the curb?

We've been providing trusted pest control services to Midlothian residents for over 60 years. If you're dealing with a pest problem, we're here to help!

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Your health is important. That’s why we use safer, reduced-risk formulas!

Over 60 Years of Service

We’re committed to providing quality services to the community.

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We proudly provide professional services that are proven to work - guaranteed!

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Pest Control in Midlothian

If you're looking to not only get rid of pests, but to keep them out for good, look no further! The local technicians at PestMasters are industry experts who have been delivering trusted pest control service to Midlothian for years. Learn more about our highly effective services below and give us call at 804-285-1191 to schedule a free consultation! 

Residential Pest Control Services in Midlothian

No matter what type of pest control help you need, our team of Quality Pro technicians is here to help. So whether you’re looking for a solution that will exterminate household pests like roaches, spiders, and fleas, or want something that provides even more coverage, we have the answer!

From the second we pick up the phone, you can expect our 5-star rated customer service. After listening to your concerns, we will schedule a free inspection with one of our highly trained technicians. After the inspection, we'll provide you with a custom, detailed report with our expert recommendations for treatment. From there we will work around your schedule to provide quarterly inspections to be sure pests are kept at bay all year-round!

Why trust anyone with the health of your family and home? Trust PestMasters years of local experiencefamily & eco-friendly treatments, and our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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Termite Treatment in Midlothian

PestMasters has been serving Virginia since 1953, giving us over 60 years of experience in the pest and termite control industry. Our termite specialists are expertly trained to identify subterranean termites - the type of termite common to Midlothian. We’ll start with a free inspection that will determine whether termites are present or not. From there, we'll recommend the ideal treatment package for your home.

We understand how devastating termites can be to your home.  If left untreated, termites can cause huge financial damage, and cause an unsafe living space for your family.  Thankfully, PestMasters has been dealing with termites for quite some time and we know how to free your home from termites and save you from financial damage.  By going with PestMasters termite treatment you'll finally have your peace of mind back!

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Bed Bug Treatment in Midlothian

Having bed bugs in your home can be unsettling and often even worse than a nightmare. We understand you want effective, reliable service to get the bed bugs out of your home once and for all. Our curative bed bug treatments in Midlothian help residential and commercial properties stay pest-free!

With our bed bug control in Midlothian, you can count on:

  • Experienced, specially trained technicians
  • Automatic follow-up service
  • Installation of mattress covers if necessary
  • Help preparing your home for treatment available as an option

Canine Bed Bug Detection in Midlothian

Detecting a bed bug infestation requires a sharp eye and a keen sense of smell. That’s why we are pleased to partner with K-9 Pest Detectors to provide the most innovative canine bed bug detection in Midlothian. We can detect live bed bugs and viable eggs throughout your home quickly with the help of these highly trained canines! 

We recommend canine bed bug detection for: 

  • Homeowners who experience bites but see no visible signs of bed bugs
  • Large commercial properties
  • Large residences that may have more than one affected room

Get A Free Bed Bug Estimate

Mosquito Control in Midlothian

Mosquitoes are more than just annoying insects - they can be a danger to your loved ones. Mosquitoes carry an array of parasites and diseases that can harm your family and friends, including:

  • West Nile Virus
  • Malaria
  • Parasites
  • and many more

An investment in mosquito control is an investment in the overall health of your loved ones.

Regular Treatments to Keep Mosquitoes Gone for Good

It’s not enough to just treat once for mosquitoes. To truly keep the mosquito population around your landscape in check, regular treatments are required. Here at PestMasters, we offer recurring mosquito treatments in Midlothian to kill off existing populations and keep new ones from moving in. With our help, you can enjoy your yard year-round without unwanted guests!

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We treat your family like our own

As a locally owned and operated pest control company, we understand the importance of working responsibly. Not only do we use pest control treatments that are safer for the Midlothian community, but we also:

  • Do our best to ensure you have a consistent experience by sending out the same technician to your home for each quarterly service
  • Provide transparent, timely call-backs for your convenience
  • Offer free re-treatments in between visits should you notice any problems

Say goodbye to pests for good! 

Schedule your free inspection!

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We know that choosing a pest control service is an important decision. Let us make it easy for you to get started with us with these exclusive special offers!

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Pest, Termite, & Mosquito Control

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Save some money today!

We know that choosing a pest control service is an important decision. Let us make it easy for you to get started with us with these exclusive special offers!

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$100 Off

Pest, Termite, & Mosquito Control


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