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Travel Tips: Avoid Bringing Bed Bugs Home Over the Holidays!


Holidays are packed with family fun and travel, but a bed bug infestation can quickly ruin a trip! Follow these steps to ensure your family stays safe from bed bugs while traveling and that you don't bring any unwelcome guests home from the holidays! 

Thoroughly Inspect Hotel Rooms

The first thing you should always do when you arrive at your hotel is to inspect the room! Keep your luggage on the tile in the bathroom until you’ve completed a thorough inspection of the bed and the surrounding areas. When examining, you should look for small bugs in the seams and bedding. Look for anything that looks like mold or pepper on the sheets and in crevices. It is also a good idea to check everything within 15 feet of the bed, particularly anything soft. Take a look under the room’s phone, and behind picture frames as well to ensure none are hiding! 

Protect Your Luggage

Even after you’ve inspected the room, bed bugs can still find their way in from a neighboring room or the cleaning carts. Keep your luggage safe by keeping it off the bed, couch, and floor, by storing it on the desk or luggage rack. It is also a good practice to keep it in a plastic bag. You can purchase a zip-up luggage bag, or even travel with trash bags on luggage for protection. 

Sort Laundry Outside of Your Home

If you suspect you or your luggage has been exposed to an infestation, be VERY careful with your things when you return. The best method is to separate and bag your luggage while you’re still at the hotel. This will make it easy to put the clothes straight into the washing machine when you get home and save you from having to dump clothes on your carpet or bed! Don’t forget to include jackets, scarves, gloves and hats. 

Freeze Treat Items

When you get home, immediately unpack your dirty clothing and throw it into a plastic bag and place in the freezer for 2 weeks. The cold from the freezer is capable of killing bed bugs. It is also a good idea to store your luggage away from common living areas, like in the basement or garage. 

Let the Experts Help You

Bed bugs can disrupt important sleep during the busy holidays, but they can be even worse if you’re still dealing with them when work and school schedules pick back up again after the holidays. Be sure every last bed bug is gone by getting an expert to treat your home. We ensure that bed bugs are completely eliminated with thorough treatments such as: 

  • Cryonite Freezing
  • Bite Proof Mattress Covers
  • Pest Vacuums
  • Canine Inspections

If you need real relief from bed bugs, contact PestMasters for Bed Bug Control.

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