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Simple Steps to Prevent Ants in Your Kitchen

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Whether you enjoy to cook or not, we can all agree that your kitchen is the LAST place you want to see ants marching around! At PestMasters, we’ve been treating and protecting homeowners from ants for 65 years, so we know all the best tips & tricks. Take these preventative measures to help achieve an ant-free kitchen:

Ensure Food is Properly Stored

This may seem like common sense, but improper food storage is actually a major contributing factor to an ant-ridden kitchen! Believe it or not, ants will eat the same foods we eat. Fruits, meats, nuts, and cheese are just a few of the foods in your kitchen that are very attractive to ants. Make sure all packages of food are 100% sealed. Invest in some chip clips to be sure ants aren’t foraging for food in your previously opened snacks.

Clean Up Any Standing Water

Did you accidentally splash a bit of water from the sink? Did a stray ice cube miss your cup and hit the ground? Always be sure to wipe up water splashes in your kitchen. Ants are attracted to moisture and would love to find that melted ice cube under your fridge!

Keep Shrubbery Away from Your Home’s Perimeter

Did you know that tree branches brushing up against the exterior of your home serve as the perfect bridge for ants to get access to your kitchen? Make sure all greenery is trimmed back and nothing is touching your house. Ants love to use bushes, trees, flowers, or any kind of plant as a pathway to your kitchen!

Seal Openings in Your Kitchen

If there are any cracks and crevices in your kitchen, ants will find them and use these openings to invade your kitchen. Even small openings in your kitchen windows or floors can be the perfect access point for these bugs. Use caulk or another sealant to close these small gaps so ants won’t have access to your home any longer!

Call a Professional

Give PestMasters a call ANYTIME you need help! We are locally owned and operated right here in Central Virginia. One of our highly trained and skilled technicians will thoroughly assess your home and eliminate those pesky ants for you. We stand behind this with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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