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How to Prevent & Keep Spiders Out of Your Home

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Nothing compares to the chills and freight of seeing a spider. Believe it or not, spiders are not typically out to get you — they're simply looking for a place to call home! With a place for shelter, food supply, and breeding grounds, your house is an attractive space for these creepy crawlers. At PestMasters, we are in the business of protecting your home from unwanted pests. Follow these helpful tips to keep spiders out of your home this season: 

1. Keep Your House Clean 

One of the easiest ways to prevent spiders is to maintain a regular cleaning routine. A little cleaning every week goes a long way! Sweep and vacuum up any dust, dirt, or food particles. Don't forget to pay special attention to wall corners, windows, and baseboards...all places that spiders like to call home. Vacuuming up spider webs, including those that are old, helps eliminate any spider remnants or eggs.

2. Declutter

A clutter-free home could mean a spider-free home. Clutter provides spiders the perfect habitat to live and breed. Remove any spider-friendly clutter in your pantry, cabinets or bookshelves and organize any untidy spots around the home. 

3. Clear Your Exterior

The outside of your house is just as important as the inside to keep decluttered. Clear your outside perimeter and garage of trash and debris. Also, be mindful of your outdoor plants, ensuring they do not touch the sides of your home. When branches or shrubs are close to your home's structure, spiders (and many other insects!) treat this as a gateway into your home.

4. Seal Any Openings

Protect your home from the inside out! Spiders see cracks and crevices as basically an open invitation into your home. Check door and window seals, any cracks in the foundation, or holes in screens or exterior. Don't open your home up to these creepy crawlers!

5. Be Mindful of Lights

Spiders are like magnets to the warmth of light at night. Lights outside of your home attract these hunting insects and this light can cause unwanted webbing on your house. Consider redirecting your lights at night or having them on motion detectors to help protect your property from spiders.

Time to turn to the professionals?

If you're tired of spiders making you feel uncomfortable in your own home, it could be time to turn to the experts at PestMasters. Offering fast services with a satisfaction guarantee is our way of making sure you are treated with the protection you and your family deserve. Experience the PestMasters difference - contact us today!

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