Bed Bug Control in Ashland

Bed bugs often enter your home by “hitch-hiking” on house guests and then take up residence without ever being seen. They feed on the blood of humans and animals, but can also go weeks without a meal. This means they are incredibly hard to prevent and remove by Ashland homeowners.

To eliminate bed bugs once and for all, PestMasters professionally inspects your property (either by our service technicians or by our canine helpers) for the bugs, and employs a few options for treatment:

  • Pest vacuums are used to remove bugs in easy to reach places
  • Steam machines smoke out any remaining insects
  • There is an automatic follow-up service to confirm the problem has been removed

Why Use Canine Inspections?

For commercial businesses or other larger properties, we enlist a team of dogs that are specifically trained to sniff out bed bugs. They can find live bugs as well as eggs that are waiting to hatch, and are especially helpful when there are little to no visual signs of the bugs. We partner with K-9 Pest Detectors to bring the most advanced canine detection methods to your business, and we’re proud of our level of service!

Whether you’ve seen bed bugs, or are just wanting a professional inspection for your peace of mind, we’re here to help! Contact us today to get started.